02. - 04.07.2021
Information for our caterers


Dear Caterers, We thank you for your continued interest and participation in Pärnu’s Hanseatic Days, which with your presence brought great value and honor to an old age tradition creating folklore and mood. We hope to see you in 2021, and believe that you share our understanding of respectable trading retaining the glory of the old times by holding true to our environment, not excessively burdening it, resisting waste of food and consumer goods.


What we expect from Catering applicants?

•        Have all the permits and certificates required by Estonian law.

•        A healthy menu and/or specialized national cuisine, taking vegetarians into consideration.

•        Maintain the festival theme - general appearance and design, food service and serving staff clothing.

•        Use of biodegradable or recyclable products.

•        Those who accept the terms of participation in Pärnu Hanseatic days.


On what basis do we decide and choose applicants?

• Among the correct applications submitted on time (dates), the organizers select appropriate caterers, considering the size of the caterer’s requested area and technical aspects available (location and electrical needs). In the event there are more applicants than planned space available, those who most match the concept of the festival will be considered and selected.


Important dates as an applicant:


• 01.03.2021 Caterer’s acceptance requests not later than 15.03.2021


• 16.03.2021 Caterer’s selection and feedback to applicants not later than 31.03.2021.